Restaurant Interior Design

About HS (Hyungsuk):

I am originally from Seoul, South Korea.

I believe a great design should not be so pricey.

I was a principal of ‘'Makers Workshop’', a restaurant interior design firm, in South Korea for three years. I established my restaurant, ‘'Second Story’', in 2007.

I graduated from Parsons, the New School for Design with a degree in Product Design.


I work with stories. We hear and understand the world as we wish to perceive it. Our minds are like the cropping tools that help us to see what we want to see. The small links from my life practices and experiences are the fuel to my cropping tool. So, I diligently do design practices and take notes about my experiences.

Among all the skills to sell a ‘'Product’', the ‘'Story Telling'’ part is the most needed one. A great design should have a great story to tell.

The most challenging

part of the design process:

It is ‘'objective validity'’ that challenges my design process. Sometimes my ideas get so personal that no one can understand them but myself. I ask many questions of as many people as possible so that I'm sure I'm conveying the objective validity from my complex design mind.

What I know now

that I wish I’'d known then:

I built my restaurant when I was only twenty-two years old. I spent about $120,000.00 that I saved for seven years. My first restaurant business did not look great. I wish I’'d known what I know today. However, we cannot do what we do today without what we did yesterday. Success may give you many physical rewards, yet failure makes you wiser.

Closing thoughts:

It is very exciting to have my designs presented on a New York based website.

If I can say one thing to the designers in the world, I want say, “"We should listen to our clients without injecting our thoughts so that we can create a good tailored design for our clients and the users."”

New York, NY

HS (Hyungsuk) Chung



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