My speciality is Contemporary Chinoiserie Wallpaper digitally printed in England. The designs are complex and beautiful including magnolias and wisterias.

About Michael Angove:

I have been a textile designer for 15 years but it was really my time at the Royal College of Art and its approach to design excellence that helped me to where I am today.

I have always found textiles to be really fun. There are a myriad of possibilities ranging from wallpapers to product design to fashion and architecture.


The concept is about 'Bringing outdoors indoors' The wallpapers are hyper realistic without looking photographic and try to capture the essence of the British garden.

Hidden within the design are tiny beetles and butterflies just like in a real garden. I live in central london so don't have a garden but I love to garden so the wallpaper's philosophy was really born out of the desire to have a garden of my own. I use a special 3D scanning technique to get hi resolution images from actual plants and flowers often from clients gardens. A huge amount of time and effort is put into developing the scans and assembling them into beautiful chinoiserie.

The most challenging

part of the design process:

My biggest anxiety is whether the client will actually like the paper once its on the wall. I have a total paranoia that when the designs are seen across a wall the client will change their mind and take it all down. I am lucky as this has never happened.

What I know now

that I wish I’'d known then:

I had no idea how long it would take to launch my career. It takes years to build up a brand identity. Persevere and be as professional as possible.

The people I deal with including my agents and distributors are nice people, if they weren't I wouldn't work with them.

Closing thoughts:

Think big but start small.

Michael Angove Fine Wallpapers

London, UK



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