Laura Watson &

Brooke Richard


Our focus is residential and commercial design, and we are also in the process of developing a line of furniture set to launch Fall 2011.

About Brooke & Laura:

We became fast friends during graduate school and conceived a dream to ultimately form our own design studio. After earning our masters degrees in Interior Design, we both went on to gain experience in prominent residential and commercial design firms. As fate would have it, several years later our dream became reality when we came together to form Orange Street Design Studio.


We begin our process by collaborating with our clients to find overall creative inspiration. We enjoy the process of getting to know the client and gaining an understanding of their sense of comfort and beauty. Every project brings its own story and depth, and our goal is to bring that uniqueness to the forefront of each design. We tell our clients that design isn't always a linear process, and you just have to go with it and enjoy. Our goal is not to achieve a particular style or look, but rather to create a design that is harmonious and relevant.

The most challenging

part of the design process:

One of the more challenging aspects of the design process is that our creative vision is in the hands of so many different people. We rely on contractors, vendors, and craftspeople to see our vision through. While finding kindred craftsmen can take time, it's a total joy when we meet our match, and we are always in awe of their skills. Some of our favorite moments have been discovering local workshops we never knew existed, like the day we went into an old factory we had driven by a million times only to discover a dusty plaster studio inside with master craftsmen making the most exquisite work.

What I know now

that I wish I’'d known then:

One thing they don't tell you in design school is that a relatively small percentage of our time is actually spent designing, and much of our time is spent executing. You really need to enjoy the service side of the business as well as the artistic side in order to feel fulfilled. One of the things we enjoy about our field is that our days are always varied - one day we may be at a construction site, the next a creative brainstorming session or drafting technical drawings.

Orange Street Design Studio

Brookline, MA



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